Marcin Paprocki and Mariusz Brzozowski are graduates of the Faculty of Textile and Fashion at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. In 2000, they formed the duo paprocki&brzozowski. Upon graduating in 2002, the duo's first collection debuted in Warsaw and granted the designers their first award for Designers of the Year (2004) by ELLE magazine. Since then, the brand has been associated with original ideas featuring unique designs, details, and fabrics. The designers' success continued with their winning of the European Association for the Promotion of Young Talenta PROMETA Award (Krakow); Golden Thread Awards in the GOLDEN THREAD competition (Lodz); and title of Personality Fashion and Art received during the fifth edition of the FASHION AND ART Gala in Wroclaw. In 2008, Marcin and Mariusz received the Honorary Golden Thread granted by Lodz International Fair and a renewed title of Designers of the Year (2008) awarded by the readers of ELLE magazine.

For more information, visit www.paprockibrzozowski.com.